respect women , in umoja mens are not allowed to enter Famous people

Mens are not allowed to enter in a village of Kenya

Umoja is a village of kenya , where men are not allowed to enter at village.

Umoja  was founded by Rebecca Lolosoli, a Samburu woman

Samburu women are  forced marriage with the elders , in Samburu woman can only marry to elder.and also Samburu women also get raped ,beaten or brutally killed by local men and British in 1990 , one day because of this all issues, Rebecca Lolosoli , with 15 other women founded Umoja.

Umoja's women started sell food product as source of income. and they eventually started sell beads , untill 2006 14 women village grows  with 50 women and 220 children.

Umoja's women work tirelessly to end harmful and unsafe cultural practices and violence against women , Umoja's women are fighting for the right of the women of nearby village as well. they are helping to educate women of nearby villages about women's rights, gender equality and violence prevention